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Powerboost Pipe 105HZ

Powerboost Pipe 105HZ

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This is the Powerboost Pipe for the O.S. Max-105HZ and 105HZ-R Heli Engines.  
FEATURES: Developed to be used exclusively with the Max-105HZ and 105HZ-R heli 
          Aluminum construction with polished natural finish                   
          Delivers excellent performance in the RPM range used to do           
            manuevers as well as idling and hovering                           
INCLUDES: Powerboost Pipe, two each M4x15, M4x45mm Socket Head Screws, M4 Nut, 
            and M4 Spring Washers, one M4 Nipple, Exhaust Gasket, Tube and     
            Binding Strap and Instruction Sheet                                
SPECS:    Length: 12.25" (311mm)                                               
          Diameter: 2.0" (50mm) at engine attachment point                     
          Distance Between Mounting Hole Centers: 1.6" (42mm) 

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