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Have you ever attempted to take off in a field only to have a propeller become tangled up by a single blade of grass? The sLauncher is a takeoff pad that allows pilots to keep their machines off of the ground and do it with style. Not only does it act as a nice take off platform, but when used properly and with some practice- the sLauncher gives pilots a competitive edge unlike anything else out there.

Have you ever had difficulties finding your first gate immediately after take off? If you’re a serious racer and are running a relatively high FPV camera angle, the problem is that when you’re on the ground, you’re only looking at the sky and can’t really see ahead. During take off, you need to be pointing at the first gate in the race, but even so it takes a few seconds to locate the gate once you are airborne and in the correct flight attitude.

The sLauncher allows you to acquire the proper flight attitude while still on the ground giving you an advantage as you are able to see your first gate prior to taking off. Simply arm your quad and slowly feed in forward elevator control. As the machine slides forward, the front carbon fiber tabs of the sRacer frame will engage into the slot of the sLauncher. At this point, the sRacer is engaged and you can now continue to tilt upwards until your camera is looking straight and level. Once you hear a “GO!” from the race organizer, simply give throttle and the sRacer will release from the sLauncher.

The sLauncher is designed specifically to work with the sRacer.
  • Light weight
  • Designed specifically for the sRacer
  • EPVC and carbon fiber construction
  • Can be assembled in less than 5 minutes

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